The Infrequency
Underwater Chills
Faster! It's right behind us! Where are we? Faster!
On Garfieldian World
The horrendous wondrous remixes of Garfield.
Cultural Fog
Finding non-anglophone music and culture, while thinking of the disconnect of being submerged in the Hollywood cultural hamster-ball without having lived a single day in the US of A. Also some Polish films well worth a look.
Clarification of previous post
So what was that previous post all about? Well... there has been some interesting and fun developments in how the site is generated...
Hello, Anyone Out There?
If you are reading this, it worked...
Hurdy Gurdy
The hurdy gurdy, a drone instrument, is the love child of a violin and an organ grinder. It kicks ass!
The Wave Rolls Back the Tide Breaks
Small (online) community living is all the rage as users flee the social media giants... I dream.
Bashfull Beasts
The courting ritual of the Burmese Squamose Pheasant is long and complicated, largely due to the bashfull nature of the male and direct display approach favoured by the female. This illustrative collage consists of four public domain images.
[001] The U+000D Adventure
Procedurally generated interactive fiction adventures—a childhood dream come true. Powered by a neural network you say? erm...sure...what could go wrong?
[000] The End
The beginning of the end of The Infrequency. Also a bit about why this is here.